Wonderland Antwerp is proud to announce that we’ve partnered up with Antwerp Pride 2017.

Friday night the 11th of august at 10:00 pm we’ll be hosting the partner event presenting Wonderland’s “Gladiator Edition” at AEC Club Industria.

An amazing dance and play event featuring international deejay’s we’ve flown in from all over the world and of course steamy juicy and incredible show acts.

And lets not forget the “Men Only Play area”. Only the best for our bunnies!
To make miracles happen, the club will be transformed into 4 Roman Arenas:
• Gladiator Arena; an exceptional stage featuring the hottest and coolest shows and performances.
• Lions Arena; feel the vibrant tunes of various deejay’s. The deejay’s have prepared their best sets for this event.
• The VIP Arena; with an exceptional view for people who want to take the Wonderland experience more magical.
• A Men Only Arena; with acts that will make your …. twitch and your ….. jump.

Keep an eye out on our event page and website as we will communicate the deejay line up and acts throughout the coming months.
Tickets available starting april 15th at wonderlandantwerp.be